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Re: Problems, advice needed...

I would also suggest getting some acidopholis- you can use it in liquid or capsul- the liquid is gross so I use the capsuls. Anyway, a lot of time when things keep comming back it is because of bacteris within your system and the Acidopholis will remedy that. Also what you may want to do it only nurse on your good side for a while, thus giving your hurt side a break. You can hand express to keep milk flow on that side. You probably will not get as much with hand expressing but its good to keep the milk flowing. Your dd will have no problem going back to drinking out of both sides once you are healed and it won't take that long for the hurt breast to beef back up in milk. I have had so many "weird" breast problems and the such and this is the recipe for success. A breast break and a bacteria balance! LOL-
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