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Re: I guess daycare wasn't the right choice for us. :(

Well, and I'll tell you all something else.. Friday morning I asked them where the bathroom was to take him potty because the last couple times they took him straight outside and it was too long of a time period and he peed his pants. So I figured I'd take him pee before I left to hopefully avoid an accident. They directed me to a bathroom, I go in and there's no potty.. I ask where's the potty.. Well, oh, that's a different bathroom and I take him back there and the toliet was NAAASTY!!!!! Granted I used the logic that maybe they clean once a week? Maybe on the weekend for upcoming week and that was Friday so I guess that's why it was nasty. They had one potty ring, I guess they all share.. I couldn't do it.. I could not make my baby sit on that toliet on that potty ring not knowing when it's been cleaned last! I put a diaper on him and told them to not worry with PLing him that day! I still feel sick about it! The ONLY positive thing about this, is the fact that Andrew was delighted to play with kids! I guess I will have to look into more of a learning situation, rather than a babysitter thing. Live and learn, live and learn right?!
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