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Re: I guess daycare wasn't the right choice for us. :(

I worked at a daycare as child development specialist & all the teachers there needed to have a college degree & our center was cleaned every night. It was very clean, but kids still got lots of colds because kids share everything!
Honestly the pay isn't great & it is hard to find good caregivers. And the turn around is high & the benefits aren't great. I wasn't technically an employee of the daycare, but kind of contract through social services. Just to get vacation time you had to work a year just to get 1 week off & 2 years to get 2 weeks off & work 10 years to get 3 weeks off & paid a lot to insurance. Not much incentive to stay & the hours were long & very short breaks. The teachers a lot of time couldn't even get out to go to the bathroom.
When looking for a daycare ask about the benefits of the employees because if they get good pay & benefits they'll be happier caregivers.
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