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Re: I guess daycare wasn't the right choice for us. :(

I'm impressed that your DS is TWO and just NOW getting his first cold. You must have super BM!
I'd be way more worried about the unclean facilities than DC catching a cold.
BTW DS got his first cold around 7 months and DD got hers around 3 months! Both NEVER went to daycare. DS stayed home with Nana and DD with me. BOTH were BF babies. In fact DS never got a drop of formula and DD didn't get any until 8 months. Since I taught elementary school music (and saw EVERY little kid once a week and hugged their sweet little snotty selves) I was exposed to a LOT, so I'm fairly certain that my BM reflected that to some degree. (Not sayin my milkshake is better than yours. )
Anywho, it sounds like a low key preschool/mother's day out might be a better situation for your DS.
FWIW my DS went to preschool for 3 years before going to K and therefore was more exposed (and did get sick) than say a kid staying at home with mom all the time. He STILL came down with a bunch of mess the first semester when he started.
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