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Re: Why don't people breastfeed?

I pumped exclusively with DS-- had a LC tell me that didn't count as breastfeeding since he received his BM through a bottle. He was a preemie and by the time he could actually eat, he had problems latching onto anything-- he was 2 months old before we could get him to take any type of bottle. I had an over abundant supply which made it easy-- I'd pump for 5 minutes (double electric) and get 8+ ouncers per side so I was able to pump his bottles fresh and then had a great freezer stock for when my supply disappeared. He got breast milk exclusively until 6 months, then BM (from my frozen supply) and formula until 9 months, then strictly formula. But dang, I was proud (still am!) that I was able to do that for him for so long-- even working!

After that I was dead set on exclusively breastfeeding-- the thought of pumping made me cry. I had to pump every 3 hours all day (even through the nights) or my supply which was great would dip to nothing. I went through 2 Medela PIS (luckily my insurance covered them) because I burned the motors out. I took classes, read books, was totally armed and set about it. That said,DD is primarily FF. She nurses in the mornings now though I am more and more sure she's getting nothing. It's more of a comfort issue for her.

My milk came in with her right away, but barely anything was coming out and I developed mastits from the get go-- we were having her on as much as possible (she was in the NICU shortly then had onboard IVs for a few days-- which made her less hungry and it was a PITA to get her positioned with all the equipment) and pumping. By the time she was 9 days old I was pumping or expressing more blood than colstrum and she was throwing up everything she took him (nursing)-- antibiotics weren't clearing it up and I was about to die (104+ fever, my boobs were bleeding the skin was so stretched, I had an infection on them from the open sores from them being so engorged-- I had no help-- my husband was working 12 hours a day, no family, and the LLL here was of no help, neither was the LC I was talking to-- the LC actually told me it might be better to stop). She was refusing the breast and for medical reasons needed to be supplemented or be hospitalized with IVs.... so I gave up.

Weaning was miserable and painful---- I tried to relactate when she was three months old and was able to get some back but it's been such a small supply even with holistic and prescription drugs. I'd say she's been almost exclusively formula fed. I would have (would still give) anything to breastfeed her exclusively since she has so many allergies and problems with reflux.

But honestly, if we were to have a third (which won't happen) I would probably not breastfeed because I am ready to say I can't. Sorry for the novel. It's a big issue with me and... that actually felt good to write it all down.
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