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Re: Why don't people breastfeed?

Originally Posted by Timetodance View Post
My mom nursed, my sister nurses, my friends all nurse. But in my husbands family (several states away) no one nurses, none of their friends nurse. It was hard enough figuring how to do it will all of the support I had, I can't imagine trying in a environment where no one breastfeeds.
NO ONE in my family nurses and they think I'm weird for doing it. IT IS hard doing it without support and that rang true with my first because I gave up, quitting was the only thing any of them supported me in. Now that DD is 9 months old, everyone keeps saying stuff like "You better stop now before she doesnt let you" and "isnt she a little old for that??"
It drives me NUTS. But that isn't going to stop me!
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