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Re: Why don't people breastfeed?

I have heard severaol reason I was not BF becaseu my dad wouldnt let my mom( and they wound up separated when i was 6 weeks old anyway)

I know for many women, if they have been sexually abused, this can be a BIG issue. For my first it was an issue with me, adn my husband RARELY gets to get near my breasts. It was something ih ad to work thru. I nursed my oldest for only 4 months. but my second was self weaned at 11 months and mylastwasself weaned at 13months.

Lack of support is a bigdeal too for many. BFing is HARD and does not come naturally for every one, and every baby is different. If the support is not there, it is easier to bottle feed

Also the media has an effect on some. They swear up and down, they have figured out the "special ingredients" that are in breast milk, so now formula is just as good.

also i think lack of education. For Nurses, docs, moms, support ppl, sales ppl. Just lack of BFing info all together... I think it kind ofgoes hand in hand as to why many choose not to cloth diaper.. Lack of education on the subject....

Anyone can bottle feed lovingly. I dont mind seeing other bottle feed, if that is what they choose( or dont choose but have no choice) i just HATE seeing propped bottles...

I hope everything i said came out as lov8ingly as itwas meant....
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