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Re: Why don't people breastfeed?

I bf'd all 3 (currently bf'ing my 3rd,she's 18mo...)my oldest is 12 and she was bf'd until 2 1/2 and my 2nd as well til 2 1/2. i did not have any support. My 2 sisters said they bf'd but they only til 6 weeks. everyone in my family thinks I am gross for doing it so long. But I could give a crap what they think,haha...I do think it must be hard for *some* women to bf if they have no support but i *do* think it is a weak excuse if you are informed and educated about the benefits and still don't do it. The baby deserves to get the best food possible, but thats my opinion,not to make anyone upset...
I did it and did not have any supprot. I don't know how I became so tough even at 22 when i had my 1st...I am thankful though. It is sad though if you *can't* due to physical issues and you want to...
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