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Re: When did you start solids? Why?

We haven't started baby #5 yet, she is 8 . 5 months and doing fine without it, so I am in no hurry.

We don't do rice cereal either, I do real oatmeal that I have pureed, prior to cooking, in the food processor. THen I add water and cook in the microwave. But I am holding her off until closer to a year.

Why, you ask, because she doesn't need it.

She is growing fine, sleeping great, not hungry, so why bother, once you start you have to feed them forever...and ever, like 20 years or more and every Thanksgiving and Christmas, lol!

Anyway,m we have some food allergies in our family so we always delay solids and #3 and #4 have no allergies to anything, so delaying solids works!

Also, i don't start just because they watch me eat, please, she watches me put on make-up but I am not letting her wear masscara.

When we sit at the dinner table we let her have toys in her high chair and she is happy as a clam. One day I might freeze up some breast milk in ice cubes and let her have those in a munchkin feeder, but that would take planning, haha!

Also some studies show that the iron in baby cereals, can mess up the perfect balance of iron in breastmilk and actually make the iron less easy to absorb and starting it too early can make your baby anemic, so we don't use iron fortified anything tell close to 1 year.

Kellymom is wonderful for solid startig guildlines, I saw in a PP where someone had already linked it.

One of the guidlines is the pincher finger grasp, Catherine at 8 months still picks up things with her fist so if for no other reason, she isn't ready to eat solids yet because of that.

Also the tongue thrust reflex, if you baby spits the food out it isn't because they need to learn to eat with a spoon or they don't like the food, it is because they are not ready fto eat solids yet and you need to wait.

Anyway, good luck deciding and about those family members that hassle you, just say thank you for your concern we are trying something new with our baby and we will let you know how it goes and smile
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