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Re: When did you start solids? Why?

well after reading on baby led weaning/self feeding while i was pregnant, i decided that i would met ds start at 6 monhts, or when he started grabbing off our plates and eating it. much to my surprise the grabbing and eating started just before 5 months. we let him have a few tastes after that (a pice of bread, a pickle, stuff like that) occasionally, but didnt actually start regularly til 6 months. now a 7.5 months, hes an eater- he wants whatever we have, and screams if we dont share, lol. no more redirection with a toy or spoon for my little man hes a piggy, and it hasnt affected his nursing at all, its still just as much as before

we dont do purees as a rule, we let him feed himself, although o do help sometimes with applesauce, or mashed potatoes, or if he wants some of my soup or something
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