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Re: looking for dha/ara free formula


I was almost exclusively formula fed on non Omegas formula (didn't exist) and I was a gifted child. My eyesight sucks, but nearly everyone in my family has glasses so that's more likely genetic than anything else. I have worse eyesight than my sister, and I was breastfed until 6 weeks, my sister *was* exclusively formula fed. Half again the price of normal iron rich formula for a *possible* point or two of IQ hardly seems worth it for me. Of course, a special needs baby is something else entirely, but for a normal baby?

While I can buy it's benefits in breastmilk, the fact that it's artificial omegas and not natural ones in formula makes me think that the same thing happens with them that happens with iron in formula - it's not well digested, and much of it ends up in their diaper, regardless of if it's well tolerated by little digestions or not. Not willing to spend an extra $10/can of formula so my daughter can have extra special poop. YMMV
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