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Re: When did you start solids? Why?

Originally Posted by calideedle View Post

And when you do I would stay away from Rice Cereal, there is no need for it, and do mashed up avacados/bananas/etc.
Agree!!! And Livie LOVES avacados/bananas... shhh, I think it's pretty tasty myself !

Olivia is just now REALLY diving into 'food' - we started because she wanted everyone elses at about 7.5/8 mos.

At 9 mos (18 lbs) she has either supper fine cut up pears or bananas w/some organic 'oat o's' OR some oatmeal n' applesauce mixed, no solids for lunch most days, and then she'll have some steamed fine cut up zuchinni, squash, sweetpototo, carrots, green beans, peas,corn, or potatos for dinner.

We don't puree much as she seems to gag on it (or the lack of the texture of it). I have pureed the ava/banana goop and even homemade soups when we eat them.
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