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Re: Whats the best age

Originally Posted by mccullar View Post
we are doing cereal already, and i know that the dr told us to start with that in bottles, but we spoon feed that already. and hes 3.5 months old. i was thinking to start next month on some 1 step foods. i made some and its in the freezer ready to go. so i wasnt quite sure when to start.

trying to get the general age everyone started i guess

He's 3 1/2 months old and you are giving him cereal and thinking about solids already? PLEASE, stop giving him cereal and wait until ATLEAST 6 months before you give him food. The open gut does not close until 4-6 months and if he is given food prior to it closing he is at a VERY high risk for developing food allergies.

We started dd3 on food at 7 1/2 months. We skipped ALL puree and are doing baby led weaning with her. Her first food was a big broccoli piece and she just gummed/chewed on it. We have since given her a half banana a few times and 1/4 sweet potato. She just holds it and eats it.
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