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Re: csection vs. vbac for #2 anyone else??

I did the same thing you did, scheduled my c-section and hoped I do a VBAC before. I figured there was no hope because I went 10 days late with DS1. Also, there was a study that came out that said that people who had a c-section before due to baby size only had a 17% chance of a successful VBAC.

8 days before my due date I went into labor. I was so surprised because I thought there was no way I'd go on my own. I was so surprised that I stayed home thinking it wasn't really labor. When I got to the hospital I was 9cm!

I did a VBAC and DS2 was only 3 ounces smaller than DS1! You should read up on VBACs, the danger is not very much more than a repeat c-section. With a repeat c-section you have a risk of death too. Giving birth while natural and wonderful has inherent dangers whether you go naturally, are induced, have vbac, get a c-section or whatever. You can find horrible statistics for all ways of delivering your child.

Don't let the doctor scare you off, the dangers are pretty rare and if you are monitored there should be no issues.
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