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Re: Whats the best age

Originally Posted by happimum View Post
I heard 6 months is the perfect age to start, and so we did, but I have heard you can start as young as 4 months.
Just a head's up for everyone, solid food should not be introduced (anything besides BM or formula) until baby reaches the age of 6 months due to the very high risk of food allergies. Baby's gut closes somewhere between 4-6 months and since you don't know exactly when, it is best to wait.

Also, baby should meet the following developmental milestones before starting:

* sits unassisted (yep, all by themselves)
* has lost tongue thrust reflex
* has pincer grasp
* is visibly interested in what and how you are eating (watches you pick up food from plate, put it in your mouth, and chew) and grabs food to eat rather than to play with like they would a toy.
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