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Re: Whats the best age

Originally Posted by *lovestef* View Post
There are some differing opinions on when to start solids. My pedi recommended that we start cereal at 4 mos. and veggies at 5-6 mos. We're following his guidelines. It also depends on the baby. Some babies are ready to sit up and eat from a spoon at 4-5 months and others aren't ready until 6-7 mos. Use your mama instincts Just my
That's exactly what we did. Shortly after 4 months DD started rice cereal (4 months + 1 week), and we introduced veggies at 5 months, fruits at almost 6 months.

Every baby is different, some are ready for cereal around 4 months, some not til 6 months or after that. Watch for babies cues (mine tried grabbing my mom's sandwich shortly after 4 months )
By now (6 months + 1 1/2 weeks) she has tried rice cereal, oatmeal cereal, and "beginner" peas, carrots, green beans, squash, wax beans, sweet potatoes, apple sauce, bananas, pears and peaches, as well as gnawing on a Baby Mum rice rusk cookie, and stole a pickle (cut lengthwise) off my plate.
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