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Re: spin off: what have you found in your potty?

I voted normal stuff but I should have voted different...i forgot some things.

A couple of time, when DD1 was in diapers(disposibles) I would be missing an ENTIRE pack of diapers. I had to stop on my way to work to buy a new pack. When we got home, I went to go potty and there was the entire pack(already out of the wrapper) stuffed into the toilet...luckily only a couple were ruined...they soaked up all the water..LOL

I swear, although I didn't acually see her do it. DD1 had to have flushed my contact case one time. This was a couple years ago, it went missing and I still have never run across it. I know she flushed it....contacts and all!

I dont' know what it was that got flushed this last time...but both our toilets got clogged for months! Dh insisted it would just take time and lots of flushes to get it clear, so he wouldn't let me call a plumber. One toilet was seriously out of commission for several months. Finally, whatever it was, did clear and flush out...Oh drive me batty.
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