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Re: bi lingual babies?

Originally Posted by sesa70 View Post
can anyone offer some advise?

I am bilingual myself. I spoke Spanish before English and still use it to communicate with my grandmother. My husband is only an english speaker, though he did take 6 years of French. He is, however, very eager to learn Spanish and is making great progress.

Here is my question. How easy is it to introduce another language to children? I want my girls to grow up with both, but at this point we only do English with a few words in Spanish every once in a while. I have begun talking to my youngest in Spanish, and she looks at me like I have three heads and giggles. My oldest is 7 and she understands some, she spent more alone time with grandma.

What/how do I do this? AM I going to confuse the poor kids?
We are a bilingual household but have done it from birth of our son. From what I have heard, it is best if you (each parent) speaks their native language consistently withyour little ones. So if that's you with Spanish, you would always speak Spanish to the kids. THey might look at you funny for a while, but they'll get over it and will start to understand and absorb. They may not speak it, being in an English-speaking country mainly (although that depends on the region nowadays) but they will be capable of speaking it (allthose little pathways in their brains will be developed) and understand it well. We have been told by our doc and others that teaching your kids more than one language makes them better problem solvers in life.
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