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Re: bi lingual babies?

it's easy, just speak it 100% of the time if you can. after all, they will get english in school. i sooo wish my parents had done that with me, but i grew up in the generation that thought it would interfere with integration or delay language development or something like that. children are so much more flexible when it comes to learning language. it might delay initial development of language by a little bit, but what is a matter of a few months compared with a lifetime of having the ear for the language and being fluent?

my sil is japanese and has been speaking japanese 100% of the time to my nephew. to her chagrin, his first 50 words or so were english anyway. (i think it's just because english words are monosyllabic and thus easier to say!) but by the time he was 2, his vocabulary was 50/50 japanese / english.

i'd like to learn more spanish just to be able to expose my kid to it. i've even entertained the thought of hiring a spanish nanny just so he gets exposed to it!
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