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Re: nap schedule-help!!!!

good question. i let my dd kinda decide her own schedule, and it changes often. she just went from 2 naps to 1 a few weeks ago. she did it all on her own, and decided when she would nap all on her own (she goes down about 11-11:30)
so i dont much advice. my dd also had to be nursed to sleep for a long time which was fine for me until she got mobile enough to roll off the bed (even with mounds of pillow around her) or she'd fall off the bed trying to get off so I said "she needs to nap IN her crib" at 10 mo old I started letting her CIO and after 2 days it was cake. I know that isnt for everyone, so I wont even suggest it, thats just what worked for us. Now she sleeps on her own. She does take naps in our bed, but she is old enough now that shecan get down by herself. So, Im comfortable with that.
I say, the easiest way to establish a scheule ime is follow her. gl!
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