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Atthe risk of sounding dumb.... help???

Ok, THis is my first stomache thing ihave dealt with for my kids.. She is starting to run a fever, so i know it is not food related now. but my dd ispuking like every 30min, and has an EMPTY stomache...

I am on my way to a neighbors house, to get some gatorade for her, but besides that, what do i do?? I normally would ask my mom the nurse, but she is camping. and i thought i would ask you. at the risk of sounding like a very insecure mother. ( i am that for sure) I know not to give her food, until she is holding down small amounts of liquids, but really,what else. I dont want to give her motrinoranything for 2 reason. Motrin can upset the stomache, and also i believe fevers are good, as long asthey arent too high. Hers is about 101.4

I constantly second guess myself as a mother when they are sick. I am afraid i have NO idea what i am doing. so ifanyone has any sugestions. PLEASE let meknow
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