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Re: Have you ever attended the birth of a child, not your own?

Originally Posted by MamaJo View Post
Nope. When my dd was born 8 yrs ago, it was the first birth my mom had seen. My ds was the second....both my mom and my mil were there. I decided no more Sam and I are going this next one alone. It felt more like they were there for the show than to support me or experience it with me, kwim? That sucked....
I know THAT feeling!!! There were too many people there when my first dd was born, and it was like a circus. I just wanted to crawl into a cave to get away from them!! I should also say, there were too many of the WRONG people there! For my 2nd dd's birth, I had a doula (who is also a friend) and my dh; my mom would've been fine to have there, 'cause she's very good at supporting, but she was taking care of our older dd. I'm going for the same set-up this time, because it worked so well for me last time. As much as people could be supportive, I really need to go internally during labor and birth, and too many people around draw me outside of myself. Sure, in early labor it's probably good to have distractions to keep you from fixating on those light contractions, but once it gets to that point where things heat up, I need to focus.
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