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Re: looking for dha/ara free formula

I am not going to read the thread, because there is probably a debate. I started both my ds's on the Good Start formula with DHA/ARA and they BOTH had horrible liquid poo. With #1., I switched to the purple can, then a couple months later tried again. Liquid poo all over again, and dehydration. With #2, after it happened with him, I switched to the purple can and did not try with DHA/ARA again. With dd, I started off with DHA/ARA kind, and she did not have any problems. However, when I do not get the checks to help me save $ on the stuff with DHA/ARA, I buy without. At Walmart, they have the 32 ounce cans for about $23, the DHA cans are a bit more $$, and are smaller.
I did my own research, and found conflicting studies. I also value my husbands opinion, he is an optometrist, and although of course the nutrients found in fish/DHA/ARA are important, genetics play a much bigger part. He has horrible eyesight, mine is fantastic. I guess we will see (haha) in about 10-14 years.

(I am not saying it is true, but I read that "they" get the DHA from plants and not from fish, dont know what that proves though...)
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