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Unhappy I am just really worried! Fevers up to 104.7!

I am just really worried about my guy.. A couple weeks ago he broke out in these hives for a day or two, no biggie, the went away.. then they came back 3 days later, with fevers running in the upper 102's... That lasted a day or two and went away.. not even a week after that he started getting this upper repiratory infection and began with fevers again this past Saturday.. I took him to the dr Monday and he put him on antibiotics.. he has been fever since Tuesday evening. This morning he wakes up with 102.7 fever so I give him some tylenol and put a call into the nurse.. she says it must be a virus and that's why the antibiotics aren't working and to just rotate the tylenol with the motrin.. Ok two hours later when we got back from taking the cats to the vet, he is BURNING UP with a 104.7 temp!! I took him to the dr and he prescribes him another antibiotic.. his fever got down to 100.8 before we left there.. we get home and he's back freaking up to 104! So back in the tub he goes with more fever reducer.. 30 minutes later it's gone up to 104.5! WTH! FINALLY it's coming back down and it's at 101.4 right now.
He's been running too many fevers lately and I'm just getting concerned.. his nose is plugged up, yet running and has a nasty cough.. Any comments? Maybe I should push for blood work or something???
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