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Re: I'm ashamed of myself (re: discipline..long)

Originally Posted by stephdpn
We sometimes spank, also, but only as a last resort and usually only if DD is repeatedly doing something we have told her not to do that endangers her or someone else. Spanking for other stuff (or frequently) just doesn't affect her, she is the kid that will say "that didn't hurt!" and shrug it off...for her, standing or sitting in the corner (not with her nose in it) is much more effective because she feels like she is missing something...we also take away priviledges and send to bed early.

No flames here - it is important that however you choose to parent/discipline that it be out of love, not anger...DH and I both grew up with spankings, he much more than me, and it isn't something that we feel was effective then or now...when you are hitting your 16 year old with a lawn rake (my DH and his dad) you have gone wrong somewhere and are ruining your relationship with an almost adult! Be glad you are catching yourself now before you get that far!

Ditto..Im on the fence on I was raised beaten wth the belt...and abused by stepmom...

I dont think out of anger spanks are right yet I have done this myself....and I think sometimes a spanking is warranted and for certain kids. Some kids I dont think spanks help..they just hinder.

I dont depends but I dont think ANYONE SHOULD EVER flame someone for spanking. Spanking to one person may seem horrid but then to another its their form of gentle discipline compared to what they went through.
just rambling my thoughts
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