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Exclamation Informing all about detergent and dipes

I am so glad dswappers is up and running now! I've been having a horrible time, and noone to speak to who really understands

About a week ago, I noticed holes forming in my hemp diapers. I thought it was only in one place, but as I looked; it's on all of them in different places. I bought these new, been using them for about 4 weeks now and washing them once a day b/c I'm building my stash.

I contacted the nice WAHM who makes these. She was more than willing to replace them if it was due to the materials they used. Well, as I started researching the detergent I was using, I discovered some people have had problems with Oxi Clean. Apparently it can eat holes in natural fibers. Well, I was using Oxi Clean Baby and thought it was perfectly safe, but once I stopped using it; the damage seems to have come to a halt. Hmmm. Makes you wonder. What is sooooooooo irritating is I tried to call Oxi Clean and ask for the ingredient list in the detergent. They were very vague about the ingredients. They sent me a data sheet, and the ingredients weren't listed onthere either.

So, I guess I am simply informing all you mama/dads out there using cloth diapers. I can't be absolutely without a doubt sure, but just to be safe; I'd stay away from the OxiClean/OxiClean baby if using hemp. Now I have two hundred dollars in diapers that are falling apart

Just thought I'd share!

In Christ, Bridget
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