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Re: Giving water to babies / water for bottles ?'s

Mine is 6 months old, and i started giving him some sips of water (from my grown-up glass) a few weeks ago, mostly because he kept being intensely interested in it whenever i drank. it's just filtered tap water. at his 6-month appointment i asked the pediatrician if giving him water was ok at this age and he said it was totally fine to give him up to a couple of ounces per day, just not to go overboard.

he's been breastfed since birth but w/ some formula supplementation since 3 months. for that i used regular tap water (not boiled) until about a month ago, when i bought a regular filter (the type you attach to the faucet). i used to use warm water from the tap, but then read somewhere that this is ok for one bottle but not recommended for larger quantities -- it can collect too much lead or other substances from the pipes. so i started pouring just cold filtered tap water, and then heating it up quickly on the stove (but not boiling) to warm it up (so that the formula would dissolve better -- my little guy doesnt actually care if what he's drinking is warm or cold). it only takes a minute on the stove to warm up. but sometimes i just use cold/lukewarm filtered tap water.
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