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Re: I am just really worried! Fevers up to 104.7!

I would take him to the ER and get a cbc done ASAP!!

Ds1 had something very similiary when he was 11 mos old. He got a fever but seemed ok, the next morning he was lethargic, glassy eyed, fast resps. The dr ordered a blood test and chest xray, thinking pneumonia. Xray was normal but his white count was critically high (30,000) meaning he had a severe infection somewhere in his body. They sent us to the ER for a spinal tap to rule out meningitis, gave him tylenol first since his temp was 104. Well by the time the ER saw him his temp was down and he was jumping around just fine. They repeated the cbc, wbc came back at 29000 so they said he was getting better, didn't do the spinal but sent him home with a shot in the butt and rx. No other bloodwork. Well, 4 days later his temps have been going up but then coming down with meds but suddenly he is very lethargic, won't wake up, won't eat or drink or even nurse. I took him to a different ER, even though my family said to give the meds time to work. His temp was over 105 and it took an hour to draw blood and start the IV because he was extremely dehydrated from the fever. He had to stay in the hospital for 5 days on IV antibiotics and fluids. Because they had not done any bloodwork prior to starting the first antibiotics the hospital had no idea what they were treating. The ER dr was P*SSED, I had the original lab results and he said if he had seen them he would have had ds immediately air lifted to the children's hospital because there are just soo many things it could have been and some of them are quickly fatal. They said if I would have waited until even just the next morning to bring him in that he probably would have slipped into septic shock and they might not have been able to save him. Thank God he pulled through and was ok. The final dx was bacteremia, or a bacterial infection of the blood. Very vague and frustrating since we don't know what caused it, how it affected his brain, etc He was around all my little cousins and niece but was the ONLY child in the family to get sick, so who knows.

I don't mean to scare you or anything. It was a horrible ordeal for ds to go through and me to go through as his mother. I really wish I would have pushed more for a spinal tap or even just a blood culture but back then I didn't know about those things. Thankfully I was still bf'ing, they said even just the few drops he got from comfort nursing kept him alive. Oh and during that whole wk and a half before he was finally admitted he would go from looking like he was on death's door, fever 104 or higher, to running around laughing and playing. It was hard to get ppl to understand that there was for real something wrong because they would spend 10 mins with him and say he looked just fine, but then they didn't see him an hour later burning up, eyes glazed over, breathing 75x/min, veins pulsing in his temples. Ppl called me a hypochondriac with my kids during the first yr, but after my child nearly dying from "just a fever" you can bet I took them in after the second day!
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