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Re: I am just really worried! Fevers up to 104.7!

Don't know if you're a SAHM or not, but maybe he is getting exposed to too many buggies out there and can't finish fighting off one, before another one starts? I had a friend that this happened to, and it took a couple months to figure this out (but no, he did not have the high temp, just alot of congestion, coughing, and ear infections.). Keep up with the baths, tylenol, motrin, and if you're not happy w/ the plan the Dr as said, don't be afraid to question him on it, ask why alot, and if you feel the need for more to be done, demand it! You are his mom, and you know your child best. If you feel something is wrong, keep fighting until you get your answer. And no, leukemia is not contagious.
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