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Re: I am just really worried! Fevers up to 104.7!

I agree with the previous poster. I would want to get a second opinion. That is too long with high fevers. My ds would get scary high fevers like that with an ear infection. But his always responded quickly to antibiotics.

Listen to your gut and take him to the ER if you think your need to. You will probally get faster answers that way.

That is too long a period of time to have high fevers. I would try and get him in to see a different doctor today if you can. Call around to other pediatric offices and explain how long your son has had a fever and that you feel you need a second opinion in a hurry before the weekend. I would be hesitant to go back to your regular pediatrician if they seem so unconcerned.

But it will be a long weekend. And I agree a trip to the ER would get things resolved faster. Do you have a Pediatric hospital near you? If you have a choice I would go to a children's hospital.
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