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Re: Don't reuse Madela pumps?

Originally Posted by MamaMegan View Post
I used a Medela PIS with DS and I would get distracted and overflow bottles, and I did see milk go through the tubes into the area the tubes connect-- that's what makes it iffy-- the Ameda is the only one approved for use by more than one person.

That said I gave one of my PIS that got little use before I stopped pumping with DS (PIS aren't meant for exclusive pumping over long term this was the 3rd) to a 15 year old mom who was wanting to keep BFing and pump during school-- she got all new parts from WIC with a hand pump. She's used it for 6 months now.
Im just jealous you could overflow a bottle LOL

even when baby was like 6 months,i could only ump about 1 oz total in 20 min doing both breasts... I dream of that milk supply LOL
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