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Re: Sample Schedules for 9 mo. old

Thank you! We are on almost exactly the same schedule right now with DC. (I also HATE that I can't control the fact that dd is so tired when I pick her up and sleeps for the first hour that I get to see her!) Our dd sleep schedule is the same too. All of a sudden though, she is not always finishing her DC bottles, and I'm wondering if I should go back to having them give her the bottle first. When we're at home, I generally nurse her first, so I guess it makes sense. I usually do that though just because I can get some food in her while DH fixes her dinner or I can let it cool down after I've fixed it before sitting down to nurse her. I DON'T like DC feeding her so soon before she goes down for a nap (I want her to be satisfied and not hungry but not eating/drinking herself to sleep you know what I mean) we're trying 8:30 bfast then bottle and a nap at 10:00, but she will not sleep well at DC...which frustrates me to NO end b/c we can put her down at home when it's time for her nap, and she MAYbe fusses for 2-3 minutes. They will not let her fuss at ALL...they say the "state" won't allow that, so I don't know what I can do. I don't let her cry or scream...just whines a bit. Maybe it's just that there's so much else going on in there that she just can't do it anymore now that she's so much more awake, aware, and curious...I don't know...just know I HATE her sleeping so much after we haven't seen her all day.

Originally Posted by sarahgkeel View Post
Here's our typical day:

Almost 9 mo. Old DD is on the following schedule, thanks mostly to day care:

6:30 am – DH wakes her up and feeds her, 5-6 oz. bottle usually.

9:30 am – daycare (DC) feeds bottle (4-5 oz), cereal and fruit.
(nap from 10 - 11, usually)
Noon-ish – DC feeds bottle (4-5 oz), cereal, fruit and veggie.
(nap from 2 - 3, usually)
3:30 p.m. – DC feeds bottle… you guessed it, 4-5 oz.
(sleeps in car... I hate that I can't control this!)
6:00 p.m. – Dinner at home – usually cereal, ˝ container of stage 2 or 3 fruit, veggie and a “meal in a jar”, although lately we’re starting to feed her a few table food items when we eat dinner (like a whole green bean or steamed pieces of carrot as opposed to a pureed one…) Dessert is Gerber puffs, Cheerios or graham cracker. (She’s teething, usually she just gnaws on the graham cracker.)

7:30 – 7:45 p.m. – last bottle of the day (6 oz or so) – sleeps from 8 ish until 6:30; 7:30 on the weekends.

Weekends are different at our house – She usually will eat only 3 bottles because we try to stagger solid foods and bottle – she tends to eat solids better if she’s not already full of formula! Typically, she takes in about 18-24 oz of formula a day, but I’m not worried because she’s not exactly losing weight or anything. (Chunk-a-lunk is her affectionate nickname.)

Hope that helps – was more long-winded than I intended!
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