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Re: nap schedule-help!!!!

i may not be the best help here, my boys are not great sleepers, but i will tell you what i can. earlier bedtimes will result in better sleep, and more of it. 11 is on the late side. day and night sleep will affect each other, so getting to bed earlier will help with naptimes. depending on your style, 2 books that are good for advice are the no cry sleep solution by elizabeth pantley, and healthy sleep habits, happy child by marc weissbluth. both books have great advice and a fairly straightforward action plan to getting better sleep. the problem here is, i realize, me. i have been so inconsistent that it has caused more problems. gotta get better about that!

try to get your baby down for the morning nap about 2 -2 1/2 hours after waking for the day. the second nap should be somewhere in the early afternoon. and then an early bedtime.

routines are extremely helpful. they don't need to be elaborate, just consistent.

do the other kids you watch take naps too?
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