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Nursing strike -- how did you get through it? (long)

M has been on a nursing strike the past couple of days. I think she may have Fifth's disease (slapped cheek), so is not feeling very well. She has totally refused nursing during the day as well as at bedtime, which is totally unheard of. I've had a little luck nursing her in the middle of the night when she is half asleep. She won't take BM from a cup and has never been on formula. Is the little BM she gets now enough or do I need to try supplementing with formula during the day? She was nursing at least 6 times during the day just a few days ago.

My biggest fears are that she'll wean before she turns a year in one month or that my milk will dry up. I've been pumping to relieve discomfort, but was only able to express a couple of ounces even when I felt full and engorged.

Any BTDT advice?
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