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Re: table food/finger food- when is a good time?

I was also very cautious with M introducing foods. Really, there is no rush with table foods. I started offering her a little table food at a time once I was sure she wasn't allergic to each individual food in a dish. You should be able to intro finger foods to him now. I started out with puffed brown rice cereal from the natural food store. M loves it. The puffs are a lot bigger and easier for them to grab than rice krispies and there are no additives or preservatives -- just rice. They taste a little like popcorn to me.

How does he do with oatmeal cereal? If he's done okay you may be able to introduce some wheat. After I'd had M on oatmeal for a while I gave her a little bit of wheat bread from the natural food store (I believe the stuff I bought only had wheat, water, and yeast) and she did fine.

Just take it slowly if you are nervous and he'll be fine. Good luck!

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