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Re: HELP- 11 mo old refusing ONE side- weaning question

I would not wean to a bottle. Dd1 was FF and we took her off the bottle at 1. It sounds like he is already taking a sippy so you are set there!

If he doesn't want your lower producer, than don't offer that side. You can easily sustain a baby by only nursing on one side. That will make all the mik he needs!

Shoot....I forgot when you wanted to wean him by and how quickly you need to start taking your meds to TTC. If you can wait until he is a year you won't have to supplement at all. BM or formula is the main source of nutrition for the entire first year of life, so unless you start giving him formula until he turns one, you would want to wait to wean him until then. Also, I wouldn't give him whole milk until after he turns one as their tummy's are developmentally ready to break it down until then.

I definitely agree to take out the least interesting session for him first. When I weaned dd2, I did a session a week unless she was having a hard time, then I waited a few extra days. You can give him snacks or do something special during that time.
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