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this time last year I was being induced...*crys*


tommorow he will be one, and lastnight he began to be sooo independant and helpful, he helped us pick out his toys, choose a cabbage patch newborn doll, his own mini couch, helped us unpack his clothes we got him. I just wish they would stay small for longer...

although I'm kinda worried at hes a year old now (technically tommorow morning at 7.10am) and hes still wearing his 9mth sleepers with room to grow, when 5mths ago he just barely fitting them....I hate when they slim down once they crawl and cruise.

He says mama loud and clear now, it used to just be dada, baba, titi (kitty), Hi, ya, no, otay and numnums, and now its "MA MA, Hi mama"

SAHM to my crazy toddler
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