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Re: Nursing strike -- how did you get through it? (long)

Sorry you're having trouble! I'm not really an expert on this or anything, but I'll throw out a couple thoughts here. 1) usually babies dont wean at this age on their own, so most likely you can get through this and get her back to nursing for quite some time more - I know its tough right now, but hang in there and she will pull through 2) try pumping more and often to keep your supply up and then you can feed her the pumped milk, it might take a little while but you can learn to get more out, try some breast massages while you are pumping and just keep trying it 3) try giving her the milk with a little syringe, its kind of like a medicine dropper and you can put it right in her mouth towards her cheek and squirt a little in at a time, does she like to drink from a straw, a new cup, anything to make it interesting? Is she taking in water or eating much?

I'll let you know if I think of anything else, hang in there!
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