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Re: Are there any hypoallergenic formulas that don't have DHA/ARA?

IIRC, the neocate corn is broken up? Is it not?

FWIW, specific allergies aren't inherited -- you may happen to have the same allergy as your grandma, but that would be because corn is a common allergen. What is inherited is tendency to be allergic, as you have found out, unfortunately, as have I!

It depends on if it would be an intolerance or a traditional allergy. Traditional allergy could be vomiting, rash, hives, etc, intolerance could be green mucosy poop, more GI stuff. I wouldn't point at corn for reflux, though, that would be more likely to be dairy/soy, as you said

Oh, and since you mention the MPSI, I'm guessing he's not tolerating the standard over the counter stuff and that's why you're moving on, but I definitely wouldn't go to Neocate for the DHA/AHA bit alone. I don't know if you're using a sample can or have been fully informed of the horrific cost, but it can max out over $900 a month. We narrowly avoided it and were very fortunate, as it can be very difficult to fight that battle w/ insurance and they often won't cover it without a scope/biopsy/etc that shows need.

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