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Re: Are there any hypoallergenic formulas that don't have DHA/ARA?

Hey mama. THANK YOU for the info. Yes he has MSPI.. he was helped a lot with the alimentum, but he's still really really in pain a lot... digestively. He also has silent reflux. I had heard about the dha/ara stuff and wanted to make sure something without wouldn't help his digestive issues more.. but 1 bottle of regular good start and omg he was screaming and vomited.
I KNEW he had the MSPI already, I just wanted to make sure that the dha/ara wasn't it too.
We've tried 3 kinds of good start, enfamil AR, enfamil nutramigen, similac alimentum powder (which has helped a lot but not enough, and it's getting worse again)...
The neocate we bought 1 can of to try, if it works we will get a script from our ped for wic... the pharmacist which I talked to today and bought it from said wic does cover it here.
I'm hopefully it will help.
That's good to know about a specific allergy not being genetic. I didn't realize that.. I just know I have an uncle and my grandma who are both allergic to TONS of foods, severely to milk both of them.
My mom and I both tend to have the hives/itching etc. but I can only pinpoint mine to corn and dove sensitive soap.
3 of my other kids were milk senstive and I had complete no dairy diet (bf only).
Baby crying.... thanks
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