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Re: What do you (or your LO) call nursing?

Originally Posted by Phooey View Post
My 2.5 year old daycare tells me when the baby cries that she needs to "drink yo boob".
That is so funny! My 4 yo nephew says basically the same thing. "Auntie Bee-uh, baby Nathan needs milk from you boobs!" This is his first experience seeing a baby being BFed. His brother was born when he was only 2.5 yo, and sis was only able to bf him for a few weeks.
Totally OT, but we were shopping at an outdoor mall and I sat down on one of the benches with ds, dd, and my nephew to feed ds. My nephew got all concerned and said, "what if someone sees you boobies?!" The guy walking by looked at his wife and giggled! I said, "I'll be careful, but I guess they can just not look, huh?" That must have been a satisfactory response!

Any-hoo, at our house it's "are you hungry?", and ds gets all smiley and excited! Dh says "you want the boob?" I can't remember what we called it with the mommy brain has fuzzed after 8 years!! They nursed for 9 mos, and almost 14 mos, you'd think I could remember what we called it!!
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