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Re: Why don't people breastfeed?

I'm going to answer the question that was asked. I choose not to breastfeed because I don't feel comfortable doing it. I tries with my 1st and 2nd for 6-8 weeks and it went ok but I did not feel close to the baby while I was doing it and it was awkward. My husband did not care either way. We were both ff and most people we know ff their babies. My best friend ebf all 4 of her kids and she has talked to me about it. She knew thta I had did it for a little while with my first 2 and when she came over to visit after the 3rd she asked if he was doing well on formula. I told her that I just decided not to for the last and she said "As long as you and the baby are happy then you made the right decision" I am close to my children and love them with all my heart. They are all happy healthy children and I have no guilt at all. Most moms that I know that do bf do not feel the need to justify their decision because they are doing what they feel is best. I don't justify what I do because I know what I am doing is best for me and my family. I feel close to my baby when I feed him and feeding time is great for both of us. One of my SILS ebf and we neer really have talked about it at length. She knows I ff and really dosen't care how I feed my baby because she knows it is my business. I have read all about the benifits of bf and CHOOSE not to. I think people who attack others on their decisions have some issues with their own decisions. Maybe not the bf one but something else. If you feel good about what you are doing the need to bash is not there. Have a great night and god bless you and your little ones

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