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Re: Why don't people breastfeed?

Originally Posted by aschrimp View Post
I didn't read the article in fit pregnancy, but I am in a similar situation. This may be TMI for some, but I actually would get physically sick to my stomach if my dh messed with my breasts too much during sex, due to this past sexual abuse.

I was absolutely dead set on bfing ds, but was secretly afraid that I'd have the same sick to my stomach feeling every time he nursed, and wasn't sure I'd be able to handle it. And I hated the thought of this man who abused me taking something so wonderful away from my son (it was bad enough what he took from me). I *never* told anyone - I honestly thought I was weird. So it's a bit of a relief to hear that it can be a problem for other women.

*But* I feel very fortunate. I never once had the same sick feeling when b****** ds. Maybe because I wanted to nurse ds SO badly, so my subconsious knew I had to overcome the issues. Maybe it was because I was in control. Maybe because he was a baby, maybe because he was *my* baby. I don't know - probably a little of all of it.

And now, I've actually started to let dh "go there" during sex again (I just kept my nursing bras on for a while, and dh never said anything - lol) I have been pleasantly surprised that the sick to my stomach feeling has gone away. I feel like I've reclaimed something that I thought I'd never get back...
That's really beautiful. What a cool thing that your breastfeeding relationship with your son healed a part of your soul that had been injured.
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