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Re: question about 3 month old and temperatures

Under the arm temps are tricky - make sure you really get it under there. It takes much longer too - so if you are using a glass thermo, wait about 5 minutes before reading, digital wait until it *finally* beeps.

Under arm temps are usually about 1 degree lower than an oral or ear temp, and about 2 lower than rectal. Rectal is considered the most accurate - but not really necessary unless you can't manage to get a reading any other way. Generally, add 1 degree to the underarm temp - and that is what you go by.

Babies are not good at regulating their heat - so for the first year it is considered "normal" for babies to be anywhere under 100.4 - over 100.4 it is considered a fever. Most peds will say 100 - it s okay, 101 its a fever.

It is NORMAL for kids to run/spike HIGH fevers like 102, 103, etc. They have have 101 and then suddenly be 104. But anything over 103 is really not "safe" cuz it can cause seizures.

Low grade fevers 101-102, usually dont' require tylenol. let them run their course and monitor the fever. Try warm baths (NOT cool or cold as it can shock their little systems!) and push fluids to keep them hydrated and just snuggle and keep them comfty. HerbsForKids makes a great fever support. Fluids is the key though - you don't want baby to get dehydrated.

Once you hit the 103, get some tylenol in baby and do the warm baths thing, this is when you probably want to call your ped. It should go down about 1 degree after 30-60 minutes after having tylenol. The sears baby book has a great table of age/weight and dosing info for common meds like tylenol (and a LOT of great info - way better than the what to expect books, IMO).

that said - your baby's temp is normal. Baby *could* be getting sick - so keep a close eye on her. babies tend to spike fevers at night, so check her before you go to bed and/or during a night feeding and dipe change.
Or she could be teething. DS started with the chewing/drooling/crankiness of teething at 3 months! DIdn't cut the first tooth until about 6 months though. But teething fevers are never over 101.
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