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Re: How much spitting up is ok?

I never got back to this thread...sorry!

No, his spitting up isnt vomiting, but it seems unusual to me that a baby would spit up sooo much, even long after a bottle. Its been a long time since i've had a baby, and my son was breastfed..i dont remember if he spit up alot. The spitting up doesnt bother him, but its gross, and he seemed to spit up more on straight enfamil than on the 2/1 similac/enfamil combo, which leads me to believe that it has something to do with what is in the formula.

Today i bought Enfamil AR which is supposed to be specifically for spitting up, hopefully i will have luck with that, since its an enfamil product, if it works then i doubt WIC would have issue providing it. I was concerned about the added rice starch, but we've started a little solids now, so i think that will be ok. Its supposed to be a thicker formula so it stays down more easily.

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