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Re: It would be nice, but I know it's not going to happen...(can I rant here?)

Originally Posted by beautiful7 View Post
ok, so here is my question...if you have no or low feedback HERE and you have lots of ebay positive that somehting that would make the moms who are leary of buying from newbies feel moreinclined to buy from newbie's?

I started out buying from a WAHM on here and purchasing a couple of things before I sold, I think that advice was already mentioned in order to help yourself obtain feedback etc. Also as far as post count goes, that , me is just laughable that anyone would suggest that that has anything to do with being trustworthy. Being a mom of almost 7 kids the last thing I have time to do on the off diaper season ( I refresh my stash about 2 times a year since I have started)
is to sit on this site...and post. I have been on here since before thanksgiving of last year so just over 100 posts is not alot for that amount of time ...OBVIOUSLY I don't spend my time here...I spend it mothering like we ALL should.

I do think placing a stigma on newbie's is very wrong though, and while we all have to be careful...I too have been scammed by someone who was by far not a newbie ( had over 200+ feedback all positive) who misrepresented an item sold to me at a very high price.

Anyway, my point is...because there is not a system set up to go after the dishonest amongst us (well, such as ebay has anyway) really truly is a buyer beware community and I don't think ANYONE needs to get their diapey's in a bunch over working with a newbie, if you are careful, follow your gut and try not to expect to never get scammed if you are buying secondhand diapers. ..then you will get along just fine

just my 2 cents
well, you bought yourself one less customer, so keep wondering why your stuff might not sell! I'll never buy from you.

didn't know how old this post was. weird. Anyway, I buy from newbies- small items. I might not spend alot but I'll spend a little and give them a chance. I was new as well.
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