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Re: Advice Needed for SCREAMING 1 year old!

I'm the original poster...the one with the 13 month old screamer. I'm definitely not ready to discipline my son yet, as he is only 13 months and it is still beyond him to understand right vs. wrong. I know it is my place to teach him this, but every book I have read does say that at this age it's all about distraction and re-direction not consequences. Don't get me wrong, I believe that appropriate discipline (for us it's time-outs and removal of privilages) has it's time and place with children who are able to comprehend consequences (like my 3 yo daughter).

Just a side note...he doesn't always scream when he wants something sometimes I think it's just to be heard over the rest of us- LOL, we have a loud family. Wasn't sure if anyone had found any ideas to "redirect" the screaming that would be appropriate for a 1 yo. We have been working on signing but he is very verbal- already making distinct sounds/words for "milk", "mommy", "that"... I know he'll grow out of it, but I may lose my hearing!

Thank you for your suggestions, and it is always great to have a new perspective on things. Not to mention starting a controversy!
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