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Re: Advice Needed for SCREAMING 1 year old!

Originally Posted by ttachuk View Post
Just a side note...he doesn't always scream when he wants something sometimes I think it's just to be heard over the rest of us- LOL, we have a loud family.
Ack, this is us too! We are so loud! My dh's family is worse - honestly sometimes I avoid family gatherings b/c everyone is so loud! Not yelling, just loud. Our kids are loud, now, too...which I know is some just b/c they're kids, but some b/c we are a loud household. There are different ways we deal with things, depending on the situation - if they are yelling/screaming for attention or just to be rude, then that's a "whatever you want to call it" issue - if they're just getting louder to be heard, we quietly remind them that if they come to us and gently tap us and say our name so we respond, then they'll get our attention A LOT faster! (And it will be a positive attention, at that) Usually I don't mind the loudness, but there are times ... like this Sunday at the Mexican restaurant when I was teaching dd to say "gracias" - and we say grahssy-us - but she tried it a couple times and loudly pronounced that if you say "Grassy" and "A**" You get "gracias" - Well we don't use the A** word in our house, nor does anyone they're around, so it was pretty funny b/c she had no idea that one shouldn't say that word, much less loudly in restaurant Ah, kids!
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