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Re: Nursing strike -- how did you get through it? (long)

My ds is on a nursing strike. It, too, was from an illness. He is now on day 9. It stinks. My dh insists he has weaned but I know otherwise. I was pumping 4 times a day but my FIL came and I can't be as free about it so I've been down to 2 times a day. He will take it from a cup but will not nurse from my breast. It is so frustrating to me! He screams bloody murder. He is the only one of my 4 to go on a nursing strike. And I can't believe this could last 4 weeks or more! I thought nursing strikes lasted a few days at most. I really hope I can keep up pumping. Anyway, I didn't mean to go off but I am frustrated at my ds's nursing strike as well. And I shed many tears too. Hugs, momma.
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