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WWYD about Constipation?

Corbin is 5.5 months, and I've recently started trying some table foods. Of course he doesn't get much, and other than that he's EBF. Well, since starting the solids, he's having a hard time pooping. He's only gone once in the last week, where he used to go 2+ times per day before. I've given him a little diluted apple juice in a sippy cup, but he didn't seem to be getting much so I put a little in a bottle. I also gave him 1/2 stage one jar of prunes yesterday, and a whole jar of pears today. I was getting dressed to go to the store and get the glycerine suppositories because he's been grunting and pushing for days and seems uncomfortable, when he went a little bit. Not enough, but at least things are moving. It's not hard, but of course not EBF runny either. Would you go ahead and do the suppositories, or keep going with the juice and prunes, pears etc?

Sorry this was so long... TIA for your help!
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